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Sept. 26 – Oct. 4, Florence (different locations)

FLORENCE. The 2014 Tempo Reale Festival will be held from September 26

to October 4.

One of the first festival ever dedicated to new music technologies,

this year’s edition will examine the burning issue of immigration and emigration in

all its forms, but also some new concepts of soundscape compositions.

“Geographies”, leaded by the Tempo Reale center founded by Luciano Berio, will

present concerts, performances, workshops and open-air events that bring into

play all five senses, as well as the interaction between sound and space. The

objective is to call attention to sounds and the music of different cultures in order

to create a dialogue and to develop a sense of welcoming through music.

The Tempo Reale festival will open with “Welcome,” an event of improvised

electroacoustic music and readings on migration themes from Bible to texts

of nowadays; the proejcts is performed by the Tempo Reale Electroacoustic

Ensemble and Massimo Altomare (September 26, Limonaia di Villa Strozzi).

It comes to a close with a performance by Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine, a

French group open to musicians and performer who investigate connections

between image and sound with a live soundtrack that is also amplified by tape

recordings and vintage synthesizers (October 4, Teatro Florida).

A highly charged, two-track evening of experimental and pop music is in store for

the audience at the concert showcasing Luigi Ceccarelli and Jacob Tv’s digital

electronics. A native of Holland, Jacob ter Veldhuis is one of the most intriguing

and charismatic artists on the contemporary European music scene thanks to his

multimedia works exhibited in tandem with electroacoustic compositions by Luigi

Ceccarelli. The result is a musical tour de force that blurs the line between a real

or a virtual world (September 27, Limonaia of Villa Strozzi).

Not to be missed is SOUND & BIKE, part of the Florence Summer Festival

program, an excursion involving a serie of live musica installations along the

many inner routes of the Cascine Park, each highlighting the musical heritage of

one of Florence’s resident expatriate communities (Sept. 28, Cascine Park). The

paths will be reached by the partecipants through a bike-riding.

Soundscape Composition, a theme dear to Tempo Reale, an organization active

for years in music research, production and education, will feature two events

that aim to expand sound perspectives.

One is an immpersive performance by the Spanish Francisco Lopez with his site-

specific Virtual GeoSonoGraphy; his work is inspired by field recording, utilizing a

play of sounds that are either full volume or barely audible. (October 1, Limonaia

of Villa Strozzi).

The second is a project co-produced by Tempo Reale and devote to the

soundscape of the Italian town of Ravenna: BUCO BIANCO/SINFONIA PER

RAVENNA (Symphony for Ravenna); the concert is the creation of the Fanny &

Alexander founder Luigi De Angelis and visual artist Sergio Policicchio (October

3, Limonaia of Villa Strozzi).


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