‘Max Neuhaus – Times Square, Time Piece Beacon’ [book review]

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Max Neuhaus 'Times Square, Time Piece Beacon'Published by Dia Art Foundation,
New York, 2009

Lynne Cooke
Alex Potts
Branden W. Joseph
Peter Pakesch & Ulrich Loock
Liz Kotz
Christoph Cox

Admittedly, I was unfamiliar with Max Neuhaus (1939-2009) before reading this book, yet his name pop up in many articles and books on sound art. He seems to have been strongly present in Europe with sound installations in various towns, and on the 18 books and catalogs devoted to Neuhaus listed in the bibliography, 16 were published in European countries.Apparently thesebooks are hard to come by nowadays, so this one is a welcomed introduction to an important work. This is arguably the most beautiful book on sound art I have ever read, with a perfect balance between art criticism and detailed descriptions, a wonderful layout and exquisite typesetting. It only lacks an index to lift it to reference book status.


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