11-26 JULY 2015

Based on improvised cards used by street merchants in Morocco, Younes Baba-Ali re-imagines the Carroussa Sonore as a vehicle to present sound arts

Now offering a personal selection of sound works from Arab and international artists, the artist sends this simplest of stalls into public spaces, subtly subverting the material value of trading.

The Caroussa Sonore includes works by: Anna Raimondo, Blenno Die Wurstbrücke, Meryam Benm’Barek, Habiba Effatt, Mohamed El Baz, Acoustic Mirror, Meira Asher, Fabien Zocco, Mohamed Laouli, Sama Waly, Ilpo Jauhiainen, Tim Bamber, Valère Martin-Roland, Mostafa Saifi Rahmouni and Randa Maroufi.

The Carroussa Sonore has been shown in Marseille, Rabat and Brussels. This is its first UK visit.

Everyone is called Mohamed is a subtle sound installation ently calling out the most popular name in the Arab world across World End Square.

Other works will be installed in the vicinity of Chelsea Theatre.

Born in 1986 in Oujda, Morocco, Younes Baba-Ali is a sound and visual artist and works in Brussels and Casablanca. His works explore the complexities of multicultural identities and the role of media and technology. They are often placed in the public realm.

The Carroussa Sonore is displayed in the foyer of Chelsea Theatre throughout the festival. It will visit the following locations:

Produced for Shubbak by Arts Canteen.
Supported by the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture – AFAC, the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in the United Kingdom.



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