Appel à contributions – Cities and Memory: Dada Sounds

Dada Sounds


Cities and Memory: Dada Sounds is a project to mark a century of Dadaism by applying the techniques and practices of Dada to field recordings from around the world, bringing a Dadaist approach to the concepts of sound, place and memory.

February 5, 2016 marks 100 years since the founding of the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, and thus the beginning of Dada.

Cities and Memory: Dada Sounds invites artists to apply the techniques of Dada to field recordings and sounds from around the world, creating a new, Dada-inspired reimagined sound world and paying tribute to the creativity and long-standing influence of the movement.

Dada techniques included photomontage, collage, assemblage, readymades, abstraction, chance and sound poems: techniques that can be applied to sound compositions just as readily as to visual art.

How the project works

  • Interested artists should email stuart AT citiesandmemory DOT com indicating their interest.
  • Artists either take one of their own field recordings as source material, or a sound from the Cities and Memory sound database.
  • They then apply one or more Dada techniques to the recording to produce a new reimagined sound. The reimagined version must contain the original recording or elements of it, or be based on the original recording. You don’t have to apply only Dada techniques to your piece, and you can apply more than one technique as you prefer.
  • The sounds will be presented here on a Dada Sounds sound map of the world, and selected sounds will be released as an album at the end of the project in March. Individual posts about each sound will be posted on Cities and Memory from 5 February onwards.

Call for artists

  • The project is open for artists, musicians and sound designers to join the call until Sunday 3 January.
  • To join the project, email us today – if you’ve not contributed to Cities and Memory before, please include links to some of your work or some information about yourself!
  • Finished pieces should be submitted by Friday 29 January.

With each submission, we will need:

1) The reimagined piece as stereo WAV or AIFF files (max. 20 mins length)
2) The original field recording as stereo WAV or AIFF files (max. 20 mins length) – unless you’ve used one of ours of course
3) The exact location of the original field recording – unless you’ve used a Cities and Memory sound
4) Your name, location and a link to your work so we can add you to our contributors page – if you’ve contributed to Cities and Memory already, we have this info!
5) A description of how you applied the Dada techniques to the sound to produce your piece (this can be just a few sentence or longer, as you prefer).


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