Documentary MusicMakers Hacklab at CTM Festival 2015

MusicMakers Hacklab


From Februari 17 to Februari 21 2016, as part of Artefact, STUK organizes MusicMakers Hacklab around the festival’s theme ‘Up in The Air’. MusicMakersHacklab is an open collaborative lab hosted by Darsha Hewitt (CA-Bauhaus University) and Peter Kirn (US-Createdigitalmusic) from Berlin. They invite musicians, sound artists, inventors, designers,… to work with sound in the airspace. MusicMakers Hacklab wants to build bridges between a diverse range of artistic and technical backgrounds. On the last day of the festival there will be a public presentation. We launch the open call for 15 participants, more info below.

MusicMakers Hacklab will be organized in English

MusicMakers Hacklab – ARTEFACT 2016

The heard place: Hacking perception through sound

How can we explore airspace through sound? This question gets at the heart of the politics of space and noise. The surveillance state can transform the airspace by violating it, listening across distances and invading private spaces, flying drones overhead that are heard but unseen. But the same shifts of perception also afford the freedom to navigate to new perspectives and explore new spaces.

We often imagine sound as grounded, on the horizontal, conceived from the position of a still, static listener. But just as the « bird’s eye » view of a plane or spaceship can make us see differently from above, so, too, can we hear differently by shifting perspective.

Microphones don’t simply give us access to making a record of reality. They also let us transform location — they can transport our hearing.

We’re looking for:

  • Sound artists
  • Sculptors
  • Media artists
  • Musicians
  • Inventors
  • Designers
  • Acousticians

and more, to try working with ideas like:

  • Microphone making
  • Performance interventions
  • Surveillance device fabrication
  • Dirigibles and drones
  • Acoustic instrument building

 We want to join you to play with notions of space, perception, installation, and performance. The end result: make an evening of sound experiences and live music and sound that can change the way we perceive space and sound.

The open laboratory format

Hosted by Peter Kirn of CDM ( and artist Darsha Hewitt (, the week-long MusicMakersHacklab is an open, collaborative laboratory. It allows practitioners from a range of disciplines to connect with ideas of sound from an alternative perspective.

 As with all MusicMakers Hacklabs, the emphasis is working together. It’s a chance to discover how can you combine what everyone brings, to exchange skills and teach one another, in order to explore new ideas.

The course begins with hands-on workshops, talks, and skill « boot camps » before proceeding to intensive free-form collaborative development, concluding with a series of public, self-organized performances at the MusicMakers showcase at the end of the STUK Festival

Participants will also have the opportunity to work with some of the high-caliber international artists presented in the 2016 ARTEFACT festival.


The MusicMakers HackLab aims to bridge a diverse range of artistic and technical backgrounds.  Artists and developers from various disciplines are encouraged to submit project ideas to become Hacklab Fellows, learning and collaborating with master artist/technologists.

We welcome, artists, students, coders, makers, composers, musicians, dancers, designers, engineers and scientists. Not everyone needs to be technically-minded, and not everyone needs to have the same skills – it’s far better to have a mix.

In a spirit of sharing and community, the Hacklab will also be open to walk-ins from both hackers and the general public.

Submission Deadline: 05.01.16
Response By: 15.01.16
Hacklab Runs: 17.02.16 – 21.02.16

Participant Info

Selected participants will be named official Hacklab Fellows and be provided with a free ARTEFACT Festival Pass; Highlighted profile on and  websites; and the oportunity to present your work at the live showcase as part of the ARTEFACT 2016  programme.

How to Apply

To be part of the Hacklab Fellows programme, please submit:

  • A 150-word project description or concept that you are interested in expanding on during the Hacklab;
  • A 100-word bio;
  • If you’d like, send us any images, sketches, videos, or websites you’d like to help us promote your participation and see what’s inside your head. (optional)

Please ensure that your project description also answers the following:

  • What do you enjoy most about collaborative artmaking?
  • Beyond artistic or technical skills, describe what makes you a valuable collaborator?


Apply by filling out this form

Darsha Hewitt is a Canadian artist teaching at Bauhaus University. She makes sound installations, videos and performances with handmade audio electronics. Her artwork grows out of a curiosity for the physics of electricity and an interest in demystifying the invisible systems embedded throughout domestic technology. She has presented at Elektra Festival (ca), Modern Art Oxford (uk), WRO Media Art Biennale (pl), CTM Festival (de) and LEAP Berlin. She was nominated for the Marler European Sound Art Award (de) and awarded an International Production Stipend from The Edith-Russ-Haus (de).

Peter Kirn is an American musician and creative technologist living in Berlin. Classically trained in composition, his work now encompasses a range of the ways in which technology can be expressive. He is the founder and editor of CDM (, and co-developed the open source MeeBlip synthesizer. He has presented as a technologist at TED@BCG, OFFF, SONAR, NEXT, FIBER, South by Southwest, Reeperbahn Festival, and re:publica. As an artist, his music, visual performances, and visual installations have covered the gamut from techno to experimental, including collaborations with Robert Lippok (raster noton), Nerk/Kirn (Snork Enterprises), and others.

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