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post-residency performance

Mon 25 April 2016 – 20:30
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
Post-residency performance in which Budhaditya Chattopadhyay will start with a performative reading from the artists’ book project « A Nomad’s Guide to Listening » (2016). The event will be followed by a live multi-channel performance of two recent works: Decomposing Landscape (2015) & Exile and Other Syndromes (2016).
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installation concert
Thu-Fri 28-29 April 2016 – 18:00/20:30
martiensgohome! – 20th anniversary
Twenty years ago a program, entitled « martiensgohome! » as an homage to the novel of Fredric Brown, made its debut on air on Radio Campus. A few years later the show has evolved into a more complex project where the point is not to promote nor broadcast music but to create it on the spot and improvise, each week, one hour of sound art made of field-recordings, samples, archives and electronics. Martiensgohome! regularly leave their radio studio to perform live or make in-situ interventions. This anniversary will be the ideal pretext to realize a long dreamed project of an installation based on musical birthday cards, which will be exposed and then reinterpreted by martiensgohome and their guests.
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Fri 6 May 2016 – 20:30
V.Squad! – plays Heather Frasch and more
Heather Frasch is a composer of acoustic and electro-acoustic music, improviser and experimental flutist and works on sound installations. V.Squad! are Pieter Pellens (saxophone), Jona Kesteleyn (guitar), Jean Xhonneux (tuba), Ward Ginneberge (accordeon) and Adam Rosenblatt (percussion). They play music by Heather Frash (creation, Heather will be present), Jonathan Sokol, Mark Appelebaum, Alex Mincek and William Kraft.
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youth opera
Sat-Sun 7+8 May 2016 – 18:00/15:00
It’s Frankenstein, stupid!
Two Brussels secondary professional classes are making their version of Mary Shelley’s classic, for which they are guided by the artists team Audrey Lauro, Carly Wijs, Kaat De Windt, Roman Van Houtven and Kadanja. In collaboration with De Munt and Bronks.
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Tue 10 May 2016 – 20:30
Saout Radio & Deena Abdelwahed
Saout Radio is a platform and a web radio initiated by the artists Younes Baba-Ali and Anna Raimondo in Morocco in 2012. For this concert they have invited Deena Abdelwahed with her project « All Hail Mother Internet ».
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29 May – 6 June 2016
SoCCoS Micro-residency Brussels
This micro-residency is directed to students or young professionals with a practice in music and sound art. The topical complex on which we will work is voice, gender, language and identity. A group of 15 will be guided through a program of workshops (Myriam Van Imschoot, Peter Westenberg, Marc Matter), presentations and visits at partner organisations in Brussels, but there will be also time to present and discuss each others work. On the last two days, 4th and 5th of June, there is the possibility to attend to a symposium which is organised at Q-O2 workspace within the project ‘the other the self’, presenting performances and lectures addressing the topic.
We offer a small contribution to travel expenses, catering (collective cooking), workshops and attendance to the symposium, and assistance in finding accommodation (guest families if needed). Applications: by April 24th. Visit SoCCoS.

concerts & lectures
Sat-Sun 4+5 June 2016 – 15:00-22:00
the other the self #3
With Jaume Ferrete, Marc Matter, Heimo Lattner & Judith Laub, Peter Westenberg, Nezha Haffou & Myriam Van Imschoot, Marijs Boulogne, Leen De Graeve & Julia Eckhardt, Ora Clementi, Marion Wasserbauer, Romy Rüegger, Alma Söderberg & Hendrik Willekens.


Finding Song Home – Sonic Bikes by Kaffe Matthews
Spring is in the air providing you a new chance to the holistic experience of driving on a Sonic Bike. Finding Song Home is an ode to our Brussels which you will experience as a listener and performer at once. Enjoy the tour individually or in small groups, or you can also book us as guide if you are afraid of getting lost. The bikes are available at Q-O2 on appointment ( or at La Monnaie/De Munt.
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release :: ku_o_twe e
Walking the circumference of an irregular circle
Rie Nakajima & Guy De Bièvre & Johan Vandermaelen & Pierre Berthet
The first release of our new label ku_o _twe e.

Caroline Claus: Urban Sound Design Process
Introduction to the topic of urban sound studies, presenting the current concepts and terminology used in the field of sound studies, as well as experimental techniques for studying and experiencing urban soundscapes. Caroline Claus was able to make this publication through a residency at AIR laboratory in Warsaw in the framework of SoCCoS. Available at
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Koolmijnenkaai 30-34 Quai des Charbonages
1080 Brussels
+32 2 245 48 24

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