Wildlife Field Recording Exhibition 2016 – An Open Call

We are celebrating five years of Sonospace by launching a field recording project which is open to contribution from the sound recording community. The project will be launched in December and culminate in a sound presentation and interactive installation in Lisbon, Portugal in late December 2016. All of the sounds selected will feature in the Sonospace digital sound archive and a select few will be released in our shop with all profits being donated to the registered World Wildlife Fund charity.

We will only consider sounds connected with the natural environment. Any recordings featuring man made sounds will not be considered. While our focus is on the wildlife of our planet, interesting ambient recording of natural soundscapes will also be considered for selection.

Also, feel free to send any additional text or photography that accompanies your sound recordings. These may also be used in the final project presentation in December.


All tracks must be named with a track title, artist name, location and date of the recording.

Track legnth must be between 6 – 25 minutes in legnth.

Audio format must be in WAV (24/44.1) format.


If you are interested in participating please send your sounds via dropbox or wetransfer to sonospace.org@gmail.com. If you have any other questions with regards to this project you may contact us directly at the above email address.

Finally, have fun preparing your pieces and I look forward to hearing from you.

The deadline for submitting your recordings is December 17, 2016.

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