Appel à contribition, Festival DME (Lisbonne)



Festival DME is pleased to announce a call for music integrated in the symposium ‘Culture and Sustainable Cities’, that will take place in November 16th to 18th, 2018, at Lisboa Incomum .
It will feature concerts, conferences, workshops and an audiovisual installation.
This call is open to composers of all ages and nationalities.
There is no submission fee.

Guests are scientists and artists from countries such as Portugal, France, Sweden and Denmark, among others.

We seek to provide a platform for debate and presentation of electroacoustic music that relate to the following categories:

cat. 1 – soundscape and acoustic ecology;
cat. 2 – urban mobility and sustainability;
cat. 3 – environmental activism in art.

The Organizing Committee will be pleased to receive music proposals with the following characteristics:

– Electroacoustic music pieces with a maximum duration of 10 min.
– Up to 8 channels;
– Audio in .aif or .wav format;
– It is possible to send pieces with a video component (.mov or .mp4 formats);
– Only one piece per each category defined by the author will be admitted;
– Submissions should be signed by the author (authors) and pseudonyms will not be admitted.

All participants must register electronically and attach a ZIP file containing the following:
1. A short text indicating the submission category, including an explanation on how the music relates to that category (max. 400 words).
2. High resolution photography of the artist.
3. Short biography;
4. Program notes concerning the piece;
5. Signed consent letter where the author consents and authorises the promotion of their work excluding the cultural society AFEA / Festival DME / Lisboa Incomum of any fee, responsibility to associations, or copyright entities and grants permission to promote their work at the concerts, activities and radio broadcasts associated to the announced event. All pieces that are signed in a record company must state this in a letter along with the permission from the record company to be promoted through Festival DME‘s announced event.
6. Link to a downloadable full length composition in .AIF or .WAV format (we suggest Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive).
7. Attach a stereo copy of the piece in .mp3 format.

Proposals should be sent to before October 7th, 2018, 11h59 pm (UTC).

The program and other information can be found at…/culture-and-sustainable-citie.

The CALL FOR MUSIC will be peer reviewed by:
– António Sousa Dias (FBAUL, CIEBA)
– Dimitris Andrikopoulos (ESMAE-IPP)
– João Pedro Oliveira (Universidade de Aveiro; INET-md; UFMG)

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